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Excited Feminization Hypnosis: Turns Me On!

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Take another deep breath and feel the bliss of complete relaxation as the air moves in and out of your blissfully relaxed body. You are now ready to move on to the next phase.

Picture a blackboard in front of you. Grab a piece of chalk and write the number 10 on it. After you have looked at the number 10 on the blackboard for a moment, grab a sponge and wipe it off. Every time you see a number on the blackboard, it is going to take you to a deeper level of relaxation.

Next, write: ‘I love pink lipstick’ in the right corner of the blackboard. Look at it for a while and hold the image in your mind. Then take the sponge and wipe it off.

Write the number 9 on the board and take in the image in front of you. With every number you write, you will feel more and more comfortable, and more and more relaxed. Wipe off the number 9 and write ‘I love wearing pink lipstick’ in the left corner of the blackboard. Save the image in your memory and wipe it off.

Write the number 8 on the blackboard. Wipe off the number 8 and write ‘Wearing pink lipstick turns me on’ on the left side of the blackboard. Take in the sentence you have written and wipe it off.

Write the number 7 on the blackboard. Take a deep comfortable breath as you look at it and feel a deep sense of calm permeate every part of your body. Wipe off the number 7 and write ‘I love my lips pink and moist.’ on the right side of the blackboard. Take a good long look at what you have written.

Then, wipe it off and write the number 6 on the blackboard. Feel how looking at the number 6 softens any tensions you were holding in your muscles and allows you to feel pliant and lubricated. Wipe off the number 6 and write ‘I love playing with myself when I wear lipstick’ in the middle of the blackboard and look at it for a few seconds enjoying the effect of your words.

Wipe them off and write the number 5 on the blackboard. Feel another gentle wave of relaxation calm your body. Wipe off the number 5 and write ‘I want to wear lipstick more often.’ at the top of the blackboard. Look at this great statement and notice how happy it makes you.

Wipe it off and write the number 4 on the blackboard. You are feeling truly at home in your beautiful body. Wipe off the number 4 and write ‘Wearing lipstick makes me feel very excited.’ near the bottom of the blackboard. Look at the words on the blackboard.

Wipe them off and write the number 3. Feel another gust of peace and happiness permeate your body. Wipe off the number 3 and write ‘Putting on lipstick arouses me.’ in the left corner of the blackboard. Look at the sentence good and hard.

Wipe it off and write the number 2. You are feeling ecstatically relaxed. Wipe off the number 2 and write ‘I can’t wait to wear lipstick again’ in the right corner of the board. Look at what you have written and agree with the statement.

Wipe it off and write the number 1. A deep sense of joy and heaviness pervades your body.

You are feeling sluggish yet you can also feel the tickle of something exciting vibrate in your cells as you look at the number 1. Wipe off the number 1 and write one last sentence in the very center of the blackboard. This is what I want you to write: ‘When I put on pink lipstick, I get so turned on’

Core Visualization

Picture a yard stick standing upright in front of you. As you look more closely, you see that it contains numbers from 0 to 100. 0 is the bottom number where you find yourself in a complete state of hypnotic trance. At 100, you are completely awake and alert.

First, I want you to show me where on the yardstick you are now. How deep is your present state of relaxation? As you choose your number, you will see a marker slide to this number.

I am now going to count down from 10 to 0. Each number I say will make your marker slide down further as you become more and more relaxed. I am going to guide you towards a deeper and deeper state of hypnosis as the marker moves down.

You will feel wonderful listening to my voice as you become more and more relaxed and comfortable. The more you allow me to guide you towards perfect relaxation, the more you allow the marker to slide down, the more successful you will be, the more excited you will get about wearing lipstick.

Let me begin to count, and as I count, watch the marker slide down.

10 – Watch the marker slide down and feel what a wonderful change this causes in your body. You are so relaxed already!

9 – You feel incredibly relaxed and comfortable.

8 – You love wearing lipstick.

7 – The beauty of lush, pink lipstick is thrilling.

6 – Wearing lipstick turns you on.

5 – Sink deeper and remember how wonderful you look and how excited you feel when you put on lipstick.

4 – You are excited about wearing lipstick and want to wear it more often

3 – Feel your strong desire to wear lipstick

2 – You want to wear lipstick!

1 – Feel the moist lipstick on your lips and rub it between your lips to make it spread and let your lips appear plump and full.

0 – Very good. You love wearing lipstick and you remember how much you want to wear lipstick. Feel yourself getting more and more relaxed. Your eyelids are extremely heavy, and you allow them to rest in this deep, deep state of trance. Your forehead is relaxed and your mind is open to any ideas you want to implant in it. You are ready to get excited. You want to wear lipstick.

Your entire body sinks deep into the utmost reaches of relaxation. Let every tension in your body disappear and relax. In this complete state of relaxation, feel your strong desire to wear lipstick.

Now that you have reached the deepest level of relaxation, your body is ready to get turned on and let desire permeate its very core. While you remain completely relaxed, I will now guide your receptive subconscious towards the excitement you want in your life. Being fully relaxed, you will be able to cherish the arousing experience triggered by putting on lipstick, and let it permeate your entire body.

We will start with 1 to begin your exciting lipstick adventure and guide you towards 10, where you will be so turned on that you will be ready to cum hard like a girl. At that stage, you will be ready to repeat this experience any time after you come out of your trance.

1 – What is the most exciting experience for you? That’s right, putting on lipstick. Picture yourself carrying your favorite lipstick and feeling excited at the mere thought of putting it on.

2 – You are already on your way to a mirror where you can finally put on your lipstick and begin your adventure.

3 – You are now in front of a mirror. You are very excited as you get ready to put on your lipstick.

4 – Take your lipstick and feel its weight in your hand. Notice how the way your fingers play with it and connect with its surface is sending shivers of stimulation and excitement through your body.

5 – Open your lipstick and bring it closer to your face. Feel how its vibrant color send thrills of excitement through your body.

6 – Notice in the mirror how your lips have already parted with sensual arousal, and guide your lipstick towards your sensually parted lips. When the moist lipstick touches your mouth, you feel yourself getting very excited. As you spread the vibrant color across your lips you can feel yourself getting very aroused.

7 – Visualize yourself in front of the mirror as you put on your favorite lipstick. As you continue putting it on your lips, you can feel yourself becoming very aroused. You run the lipstick across your lips and your excitement continues to grow. Rub your lips together and feel how wonderful it is to be wearing lipstick. You want more of this feeling. You want to do this more often.

8 – Let your lipstick work its final touch of wonder and slowly and gently let it slide across all areas of your body in which you feel excited and aroused. Feel how it sends an electric charge through these areas, and turns you on so much now, you can no longer wait. You need to touch yourself.

9 – Slide your hand down your panties and very gently touch yourself. You feel incredibly turned on by your lipstick, by your beautiful image in the mirror, and now by your gentle, titillating, teasing touch as you play with yourself like a girl.

10 – Finally, you can no longer wait. Allow your fingers to add more intensity, to become stronger. Now that they know exactly what to do, how to turn you on, how to tease you, and how to please you, you can push your own buttons, you can let your fingers push down as they stroke the most exciting spots, and rub yourself harder and harder.

You can feel how your body wants to push against your fingers and turn inside-out to get every last bit of pleasure it can possible achieve. You rub, slide and swirl, rub harder and more swiftly. Your roller coaster ride of excitement is now in full swing. You can take this feeling anywhere you like as long as you bring your lipstick. You can revive it any time. Remember. All you need is lipstick.

You have arrived where you want to be. You know how you feel when you are aroused as a girl. You know what you want, and where your desire is heading. Remember: all you need to get this feeling is lipstick. All you have to do is put on your lipstick. You want to do it more and more often. Doesn’t it feel fantastic to be wearing lipstick?

In a moment I will count to five. When I say five, I will snap my fingers, and you will wake up feeling energetic and fully present, young, healthy, and revitalized.

One – feel yourself rise from your deep state of hypnosis further towards the surface.

Two – Notice how a refreshing energy spreads through your body, waking up your heavy tissue, filling it with new energy.

Three – In a moment, when I snap my fingers you will feel much better and much more alert than you did before this session

Four – Your Eyes are getting ready. Open them and look at the world from these alert eyes, feeling young, healthy, and refreshed.

Five (snapping fingers) Come out of your trance completely now and notice how you are feeling much better than before. Allow this feeling to sink in and affect your day: you feel like a million bucks!

Weight Management Hypnosis – Feelings of Lightness

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Welcome to a place that can help you help yourself.

Turn of your cell phone or anything else that may interrupt you, and find a comfortable place to relax. As you listen to my voice during this session you will gain a greater awareness of your inner strength, your vision, and your ability to manifest whatever it is that you desire.

You will find a way to create what you want, to overcome your weaknesses and find the discipline to realize your dreams. So allow your body to relax.

Let go of tension in your body, let your shoulders relax, let your arms relax.

Focus your attention on your eyes. If they’re open you can slowly let them close.

As you listen to my voice you will relax and have an opportunity to gain greater awareness of the power held by the visions inside your mind – powerful visions that allow you to create the body you truly want. You will grow confident that you have the ability to make this happen. You will feel relaxed and in control.

As you begin to relax you might notice that you are focusing your awareness inward. You feel more and more curious about the new possibilities that await you in this new place that will help you guide your body towards its ideal weight and shape.

Notice each breath that you take now, and as you exhale, feel your body letting go. Tension and tightness begin to melt and disappear. Feel a sense of lightness in your arms and legs, and notice that every time you exhale it feels almost as if your body is floating. Already your mind is helping you feel light, and as you progress with your hypnosis therapy, this lightness will become reality, and the pounds are going to melt away quickly until you reach your ideal weight.

Float into weightlessness. Allow my voice to guide you. With every breath that you breathe now you relax more and feel lighter. Allow my voice to guide you to a place of curiosity, a place of wonder, a place of imagination where you can experience more of who you already are, discover more of who you are becoming, experience yourself with all the possibilities of what you could truly have and want and create.

So now you begin to feel this desire to expand your awareness and implement a stable sense of happiness and satisfaction and a strong discipline in yourself, a discipline that will be stronger every time you wake up from another hypnosis session. You begin to feel that the reality of your vision can be programmed into your body in ways you’ve only dreamed about so far. And perhaps you’ve always hoped or wished that you could achieve this. Now you’re willing, ready. You can create this. You can reach your ideal weight. You don’t have to try. You don’t have to figure out how to make it happen. Simply allow my voice to float in and out of your awareness. Allow your arms legs and the muscles in your back and on your forehead to relax and let go.

In the next few moments my voice will relax you deeply. Deep inside of your mind you will begin to hear my voice. Hear my voice. In that place in your inner mind where you have the ability to create the perfect body you want. So every word that I say now begins to float in and then out of your awareness. Your body relaxes so beautifully, and you feel so ready to experience this journey towards your ideal weight.

When I count to 3, let your eyelids become twice as heavy, twice as relaxed, let go of any remaining tension in your eyelids. 1-2-3. And now let that feeling in your eyelids float down through your cheeks and your jaw, through your neck and your beautiful breasts, down through your shoulders, into your arms, all the way down to the very tips of your fingers.

And again now when I count to 3 let your eyelids relax twice as deeply, so relaxed that they’re simply too relaxed to open 1-2-3. And let that feeling float all the way down through your cheeks, your jaw, down through your neck and your breasts, your shoulders, and your arms, your hands and your fingers.

And now that your eyelids are relaxed so deeply you could test them just to prove to yourself that they’re too relaxed to open, or you could simply let them be so relaxed that you know that your body is responding beautifully to my words.

In a moment I’m going to count from 10 down to 1, and as I count you can allow yourself to experience a deep sense of relaxation, deeper than you’ve ever known. You’ll become more relaxed with each number, and you’ll feel your body let go of any remaining tension or tightness.

With each number you focus more inward to that place within your subconscious mind, that place where you hold all of the inner wisdom, the strength, the discipline, the ability to create your perfect body, to eat and drink the right things, and the right amounts, to exercise joyfully and plentifully, to feel, smell, and taste the freshness of your good food choices, and simply float in and then out of that part of your inner mind that holds all of these positive thoughts, these good images and good choices, and all this happiness that allows you to make them.

Now take a nice, deep breath and as you let it out, let yourself go.

10 – deeper relaxed.
9 – floating up into the air – it is so easy to just relax –
8 – to that place where your choices are made, where the source of your happiness is –
7 – to the place where new motivation springs from –
6 – sinking even deeper now, begin to explore each new sensation, each feeling, each image, each color, each texture with great curiosity – deeper relaxed, now to that place where your wisdom resides and can help you reprogram your body and mind to make the right choices –
5 – deeper relaxed now –
4 – and you know that you can go even deeper as you listen to my voice, you allow my voice to guide you.
3 – Now go to that place where your wisdom lies, your inner source of happiness and comfort, satisfaction and confidence, your strength and discipline, the mind of your body – the source of your ideal body –
2 – deeper relaxed now, even deeper. Allow yourself to simply surrender to the possibility that you could be even more beautiful and discover your own potential deep inside your mind
- and 1.

Now out there in front of you there is a door. You might imagine that you see it, or you may just know it’s there, or you might feel that door, and in a moment you’re going to step through that door and when you do you’ll be stepping through that door into a place in your inner mind where you can create anything that you desire.

That place where you know everything there is that you need to know to have what you truly want, so look at that door and feel the excitement and the curiosity of what may be on the other side. When you go through that door you allow your mind to go into a deep pleasant state of trance.

Staying focused on my voice, taking my voice with you Now. Ready? 1-2-3. Open then door and go through. And just let your mind float and drift with my voice and experience the possibilities to expand your awareness and discover what you truly can create. Good.

Now there is something that you’re going to notice. Something that is very important to you. It may be a room or a beam of light. Something that draws you closer. Or you sense that there is great wisdom. Just follow it. Perhaps it is just the velvety darkness. Let yourself float and drift, and whatever it is that is drawing you near, you allow yourself to simply surrender and go closer and closer to that place of wisdom. Good.

And right there, let your mind and your body settle right in. Good. Very good.

Place your hands so that they’re resting on your lap in front of you, just a few inches apart, and imagine that right there between your two hands there is the beginning of an energy. Perhaps a swirling of light or a color. A magical, mysterious glow. The seed of beauty, the seed of power, and the seed of happiness is right there in your lap.

And as it begins to swirl, it takes form and takes shape right there in between your two hands. Now you may begin to feel something between your finger tips or you may feel it in the palm of your hands now where it may get stronger as you focus on it. Notice that this energy has a movement, almost like a life of its own.

And as this energy begins to develop and form and you feel the pressure of it between your hands, notice that it increases, gets stronger, almost has a vibration or a movement to it that you can feel strengthening or increasing. The more you focus, the stronger it becomes.

In a moment you’re going to place into that ball of energy your desires, your dreams, your outcomes. You’re going to place into that ball of energy everything that you would like to create and experience, and then you’ll give it up to the universe to bring to you all the strength, the beauty, the happiness, the discipline, and the wisdom to make the right choices – the choices that lead you towards your ideal body. Into this ball, you place whatever it is that you need, and allow the universe to bring it to you.

So into that ball of energy that’s right there in your hands, place a quality about yourself that will allow you to be a slim and beautiful woman, to reach your ideal body within the next 6 month. Perhaps it’s your confidence, or your determination, or the strength of your beautiful vision. Perhaps it’s your constructive attitude that helps you work on yourself. Find the one quality, the one trait that above everything else will allow you to create your ideal body.

Watch it swirling around inside of that ball, swirling and moving, combining with the energy of that ball. And now in that ball of energy place in there your true belief that you do deserve to be slim and beautiful.

Somewhere in you, there is a belief that you know that you do deserve to be beautiful and slim, have the strength and the determination to be how you want to be. So place that into that ball, watch it swirling and moving, and begin to notice a sound that is associated with that ball. Perhaps it’s like a hum or a vibration or the sound of the ocean that reminds you of your beautiful new body in a beautiful bikini sashaying along the beach, and just let that sound begin to increase.

And now, into that ball of energy, place the one quality or personality trait that perhaps you don’t have yet, that you could use in order to allow you to be slim and beautiful so that quality that you know that would benefit you to help you to reach your ideal weight – perhaps it’s confidence, or perhaps it’s self discipline, or perhaps it is determination, or the ability to be organized or more social – whatever it is, send that, that one personal thing for you that you need to get to your ideal weight, and place that into the ball. Watch it swirl and getting stronger, having more vibration and more intensity. Good. Feel that ball moving, swirling stronger.

This ball can also help you get rid of depression. It is so full of positive, good energy that all it takes to turn this ball into the perfect medicine against depression is your permission. Send a positive thought into this ball, a short prayer, and give it permission to help you whenever a depression is threatening to darken your mood.

As your prayer of permission arrives inside the ball, notice how the sound it makes becomes even stronger, how the power of its vibration increases, and how this beautiful ball of energy sparkles and shines even more, and appears even brighter than before, all its little twinkling particles swirling and moving, vibrating against your hands, buzzing with motivation to help you.

Feel how, through these vibrations, your motivation is being energized. Notice how tiny sparks form and enter your body – sparks of enthusiasm within you getting greater every day, positive thoughts and ideas that give you the strength and the power to move towards your ideal body with enthusiasm. Let yourself experience this feeling of positivity, of happiness, of enthusiasm and great energy inside you.

You are already changing the chemistry inside you, teaching your body and mind to produce positive feelings of enthusiasm and motivation, teaching them how to behave in order to make and keep you happy, happy, slim, and beautiful.

This ball of energy is teaching your subconscious mind how to establish a natural body chemistry that allows you to be positive and happy, that allows you a natural discipline that will help you improve your nutrition and your exercise habits, and create molecules of happiness within your body. Now, place into that ball the wisdom that will guide you and help you know the correct path and make the correct choices.

Now, place into that ball your ideal vision of yourself. Hold this vision on your mind – your slim, long legs, your high arches and perfect toes, your firm belly and your hour glass body, your large breasts and your female shape, your beautiful walk. Send this vision into the ball and watch it swirling around, notice the sound getting louder, the vibrations getting stronger, creating a warm feeling of happiness, satisfaction, and accomplishment inside you. Right now you are creating beauty – your own beauty – and it feels great. Feel the ball of energy in your hands getting bigger and stronger, more powerful to realize your dream of a beautiful body.

Now place into that ball all the feelings and sensations you will need on the path towards your ideal body. This is what allows you to reprogram your body. Teach your body what it needs to do to reach its ideal weight and shape.

You love drinking pure water before a meal. In the middle of a meal you start feeling full and satisfied. You start eating smaller portions naturally, because you feel much better that way, and your body has become so smart it doesn’t want or need more than that. It is already being reprogrammed.

You begin to eat more slowly. Your body has been reprogrammed to help you reach your ideal weight. It reminds you how good fresh, healthy foods taste. Where it used to crave cookies and milk before, your body now craves juicy, sweet fresh fruit. Where you forgot when you last ate before, your body now craves exercise and only tells you to eat when it needs to, helping you create a perfect, healthy body shape. Your leaner, healthier body is already taking form.

Your taste buds are changing, awakening, craving fresh, healthy food. They no longer like greasy French fries – they crave fresh fruit and fresh vegetables instead. Your body mind has learned what it needs to be slim and healthy. It is being reprogrammed to help you get slim, healthy, and happy.

All these new lessons for your body – let them float into that ball of energy, and watch it increase the sound, the strength, and the intensity, swarming and swirling.

Now place into that ball your ideal body weight. You can achieve a weight of 150 lb in 6 months or less. 150 lb. Once you place this number into the ball, it is going to fly out into the universe and assemble any powers and any help you need to get to your ideal body. It is going to reprogram your body and mind to help you get there.

Once you place this number inside the ball, your body mind understands the set point of bodyweight. This regulates your appetite and feelings of satisfaction and fullness, and changes your desires and cravings for unhealthy food into desires and cravings for fresh fruit and vegetables. You control your bodyweight. Set your ideal bodyweight by putting it into this ball, and you will experience greater enjoyment eating smaller portions.

Look at the ball getting stronger, brighter, vibrating against your hands, sending you great happiness, motivation, and enthusiasm. Place all this inside that ball of energy. Feel it swirling, getting stronger, having even more movement. Hear the sound of that energy becoming stronger, feel the pressure, or the pulse of that in your hands.

And then I want you to begin to slowly open your hands and send that ball of energy out into the universe, see the color, the little sparkles, the twinkles as it begins to disperse in little tiny particles out into the universe, and every little particle carries information, an entire message that includes all of the things that you have placed into that ball of energy and each on of these little particles – and there’s thousands, or millions, or billions of them – it reaches out in a positive and dedicated way into all of the powers in the universe that will allow you to have what you truly want. From there, they swarm right back into your body, reprogramming it, teaching it how to behave in order to reach your ideal weight. You do not need to think about it anymore. You do not have to struggle making the right choices. Your body knows now what choices to make. It has been reprogrammed into a slim, happy body, and with each hypnosis session, it is going to implement this new program in your body and help you get where you want to get with your body.

Feel the energy of the ball swarm into your body, see those twinkles and sparkles swarming in, and as they do, you feel confident and sure that you’re able to manifest whatever you need, whatever you want, and whatever you desire, so now you know the universe is going to give your body whatever it needs – whatever skills and cravings, habits and choices you need to get slim and beautiful. You expect and allow everything to be brought to you that will allow you to have the body, the weight, the looks, and the happiness you want, and you deserve it.

Now as you manifest your ideal weight and your perfect body, you understand that it is your right to be slim and beautiful. You release any fears, bad habits, traumas, or anything you’ve been holding back on that has prevented you from being slim and beautiful. You allow and expect the universe to bring you every skill, every sensation, every lesson, every learning, every teaching, every peace of information, all wisdom and all knowledge that you need to get a perfect body.

The energy that you send out into the universe will manifest itself inside your body and reprogram your body to help you get to your ideal weight in 6 months or less, and be happy when you look in the mirror again.

Now, send a wave of gratitude from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet, take a nice, deep breath. Good. And allow your mind, your body, and your spirit to feel completely at peace with what you are now manifesting. Completely at peace. Good. Take another nice, deep breath. Good, and let it out.

Begin to bring your awareness back to my voice, back to the room, bring back with you the lessons and the learnings, the resources, the wisdom that you have gained. Allow yourself to bring back those conscious lessons and learnings, and also those subconscious lessons and learnings that you are about to discover.

And in a moment I’m going to count from 1-5. I want you to let your energy come back and allow your mind to be very alert and aware and energized when I get to the number 5. If it’s time for you to sleep right now, you can turn off this track and go into a deep and peaceful sleep, and sleep wonderfully through the rest of the night allowing these words to continue to have a positive effect as you sleep.

And now, with each number, bring the energy, the happiness, and the lessons and learnings back to your body, back to my voice, feeling wide awake and clear headed on the number 5.

1 – bring the energy into your legs and arms
And 2 – bring that energy all the way up into your body.
3 – your body balanced, integrated and at peace, your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body integrated with these lessons and learnings.
And 4 – your eyes will feel cooled and refreshed.
And 5 – wide awake, clear headed and refreshed, take a nice deep breath.

Good, and bring all of that energy back. Let your eyes open when you’re ready. Good. Very good. Congratulations. You are on your way to your ideal weight and your ideal body, and you feel positive and motivated about this mission. You are feeling great!